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Lykke Li | Gunshot

it’s times like these when I just wanna grab the people who don’t wanna raise the minimum wage and just shake them really hard
i paid(or rather will be paying for the rest of my foreseeable future) 18,000 dollars for my education. I work a job at slightly above minimum wage(8.25) I also make tips on top of that.
but I HAVEN’T EATEN TODAY because I literally cannot afford to. It is currently about 7 pm.
I am late on every single bill I have and I receive relentless phone calls from people threatening to seize my paychecks or shut off my power.
I do not own a car. I do not have children. The people who do struggle even more.
How is anyone supposed to progress farther when we can’t fill our stomachs or keep our power on?
People are telling us that college or other extra education will guarantee us the American dream if we just work hard enough and it’s just not true it’s not
I just want to cry out of frustration this cannot be how my generation lives our lives


One major facet of cultural appropriation is taking artifacts that would be violent on the body of a person of color and making them trendy on a white body.

That’s why Forever 21 is able to sell a Black Panther crop top, and why Che Guevara t-shirts are so popular,…

I want to dieeeeee uggghhhh
everyone just blacklist every original text post of mine
like all it is these days is me whining and being depressed and contemplating giving up and dying already
ill make sure to tag everything in case my pathetic behavior triggers anyone.


listen I’m not saying that Scarlett Johansson’s response to Dylan Farrow’s letter was the worst one of them all, but do just wanna kind of gently/aggressively remind everyone in the midst of reblogging Winter Soldier shit that Scarlett Johansson is a rape apologist and is also starring in one of the most racist pieces of shit to come out this year, so maybe dial back your “feminist” glee about how “body positive” she is.